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Smothered by Mothers 2017 08 Best Suppor
Smothered by Mothers - Festigious Best D
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Smothered by Mothers

Director:  Brian Herzlinger

Screenwriters:  Kurt Weichert and John Fahy


Bobby Davis, a wealthy football star, goes to bed one night secure in his wealth of almost one hundred million dollars and awakens the next morning almost broke. It appears that his business manager lost almost all of Bobby's money. The business manager also lost every dollar invested by Bobby's relatives. Every last penny lost in a Ponzi scheme. As if things couldn't be worse Bobby finds out out that three women are pregnant...each with his baby. Things can always get worse. Like a straw in the wind, sponsors, their money and luck can go in any direction. Bobby is forced to retire from football after testing positive for performance enhancing drugs. It was inevitable that authorities would show up and show up they did. Convinced that fun loving Bobby was knowingly involved in a Ponzi scheme, FBI agents were knocking at his mansion's door in short order. Just in case Bobby didn't understand the scope of the charges and investigation his lawyers inform him that he is completely broke and that the three pregnant women must move in with him. In typical Bobby Davis fashion, the one and only option remaining is to try to pull off a mad caper and get his money back in his hands and the women out of his house.

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