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Kurt and Brian are the Windy City's coolest salesmen and best friends with a shared dream: NFL ownership. When they're not making huge deals, they find themselves disrupting NBA playoff games, flipping their company cars, throwing wild toga parties, and investing in defunct gold mines with their group rowdy friends. The two have everything they want in life: great jobs, great friends, and, for Kurt, an accomplished, beautiful fiancé who views him with love and humor. The only thing that would make life better would be quitting their jobs and realizing their dream of buying a professional football team. Everything changes when good fortune smiles on Kurt and Brian. Following an offhand suggestion from Kurt's girlfriend, they play their lucky numbers and win the biggest lottery in history...half of it, anyway. The windfall allows them to quit their jobs. It also puts them one step closer to realizing their once-impossible dream of becoming owners in the greatest league in the world. But they can only buy a professional football team if they can persuade the other lottery ticket holder to combine his fortune with theirs. The catch? He happens to be their hated ex-boss. 

Sport Fan Chronicles

They decide to combine their winnings with the other winner: Frank, their hated former boss. They reluctantly joined forces with their enemy in order to fulfill their lifelong dream of owning an NFL team. The good news is they're now filthy rich. The bad news is they're still hundreds of millions of dollars short of the amount needed to purchase a team. Making huge business deals is their only option, and these guys are willing to invest in almost anything as long as it makes them more money, including reality shows, technology startups, and hilarious inventions. Their large windfall magnifies everything in their lives, especially the least when Victor isn't getting them beat up by jealous football players or when Bernie isn't screwing up their exercise video. Chuck's constant pranks and Alice (annoying best friend of Kurt's longtime love, Darci) keep Kurt on his toes. Even the reviled Frank and his underachieving nephew, Meathead, seem to be fitting in nicely. Things suddenly change when someone in their inner circle betrays them and compromises their chances of buying the football team. The depth of the betrayal is stunning, but they take no time to analyze it. Instead they remap their path, try to overcome the obstacles, and move on in their own inimitable style of staunch friendship, ambition, and humor. The unexpected is no stranger to Kurt, but even he finds himself at a loss to explain the surprising turn of events and the shocking, too strange to be believed twist in the end of the first season

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