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Universe Destroyers

John Terrell has dreamed of “liberating the signal,” exposing government corruption by hacking into secure servers and sharing all that’s inside of them with an ignorant public. When the teenage hacktivist breaks into an NSA server containing details about a secret US government exchange program with an alien race, John begins to learn that the truth can be just as deadly as the lies that cover it up.

The truth that’s been covered up for decades is this: for a millennia two ancient alien races—the reptilians and the greys—have fought each other across the galaxy. The vicious reptilians were winning. The greys, who are from the Zeta Reticuli star system, created a great galactic shield that has protected their homeworld from an invasion for centuries. But the shield does not protect against the approaches coming from the part of the galaxy where the Earth is located. The greys do not think the reptilians could get an invasion force that deep into the galaxy because there aren’t enough habitable planets to sustain their invasion fleet.

The greys had assumed that they could hide behind their shield indefinitely. That was until the two atomic bombs were detonated over Hiroshima and Nagasaki, ending the Second World War on Earth. Those nuclear blasts were detected by the reptilian aliens, who realized that Earth was both habitable and hugely populated. Immediately, the reptilians put together a plan to invade and colonize Earth; to use its vast resources to enhance their invasion fleet, and to use Earth’s strategic location as base from which to invade Zeta Reticuli—all to end their long war against the greys.

The covert team of grey specialists are charged with helping humanity to build up their technological capability in order to ensure they can best resist the reptilian invasion force. The humans of Earth must hold off the invasion as long as possible until the greys can build a large enough fleet to fly to Earth’s rescue (which will take many decades). And because the greys cannot send much in the way of reinforcements to the humans until the new fleet is built, humanity will be on its own.

Due to an unforeseen event, the task force of grey spaceships sent to Earth ends up crashing. This is what we know as the 1947 crash at Roswell, New Mexico. Only one alien survived the crash. He becomes an advisor to the United States government. President Harry S. Truman creates an elite unit designed to track, catalog, collect, and reverse-engineer alien technology designated Majestic-12.


It is soon revealed to the US government that the reptilians are shapeshifters who are intent on first infiltrating the Earth and sowing discord and confusion—prepping the battlefield—to make their conquest of Earth as easy as possible. Majestic-12’s mission was to work closely with the greys to build out Earth’s indigenous capabilities to best resist and delay the incoming reptilian invasion. The problem is that the US government has long feared that disclosure would cause mass hysteria and collapse human civilization…thereby hindering their efforts to build an effective defense. This explains the deep secrecy around the project. 


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Universe Destroyers



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